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Welcome to Cuphead Fanclub!

Pixel Cards by AnnKa11 Pixel Cards by AnnKa11 Pixel Cards by AnnKa11

This group is for the game, Cuphead.

Cuphead is a run and gun platform indie video game by Canadian brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer operating as Studio MDHR, drawn in the style of 1930s cartoons. As Cuphead, the player fights a series of bosses to repay a debt to the devil.

Rules are as follows:

Join requests are always open! You do not have to ask!


Always submit to the right folders! If your art happens to be in the wrong folder it will not be accepted!

Any kind of art that is stolen, traced or unreleated will not be accepted!

Pixel Cards by AnnKa11 Pixel Cards by AnnKa11 Pixel Cards by AnnKa11

Gallery Folders

just cuphead by lnfernus
CH: Impavidus by Tybay
Good going, Shithead by Munchkin-Flumples
1920's Cuphead AGAIN  by minrpro
Anatomy adult Mugman by Anavinnik
Cuphead the Return of the Devil Hao:Ch 6 p 6 by Anavinnik
Cuphead mugman by himegirl15
Snuggy Muggy by SqueakyNoodle
Multiple Characters
Begging for Souls by hideakithewolf
Adoptive Parents by RainiWeather
Relexing on sun by Flame-Nightmare
Grim Adventures by RainiWeather
Multiple Bosses
Cuphead - Cartoon Ladies by MissKurosama
Cuphead Girls by sydneypie
Cuphead Girls by sydneypie
CH AU - Infernal Inkwell Isle III by Atlas-White
Elder Kettle
CUPHEAD ASK REPLY 15 by CyrusTheIceWing
CH: Grandeval by Tybay
Cuphead Comic ch2 page 01 by NinjaHaku21
npcs by Koalify13
Names for NPCs by s233220
Ron Animation Style Practice by whirlwynd
Cuphead| The Barbershop Quartet by Toaster-a
Cuphead -Siren by 0-Emme-0
smiles in japanese by BonnieSpacebon
CH: Ad placement by Chulala
dream by BonnieSpacebon
The Devil
Devil Player Card by hideakithewolf
Cup Begone! by GalaxyBun54
devil by tainty12
devil man by tainty12
King Dice
King Dice Card by hideakithewolf
Care to Gamble? by hideakithewolf
Singing Time with King Dice by hideakithewolf
(Cuphead) .: I Made Myself a King :. by KumoGomi
Porkgrinded by IG0125
Legendary Chalice or Ms. Chalice
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Root Pack by CyrusTheIceWing
Goopy Le Grande
Why?? by Kleptomaniac-Twin
Hilda Berg
Good Game! by whirlwynd
Ribby and Croaks
Ribby and Croaks by alexeigribanov
Cagney Carnation
Cagney Carnation by ProfessorZircon
Baroness Von Bon Bon
Baroness Von Bon Bon by ProfessorZircon
DJimmi the Great
Djimmi The Great: Egyptian Blue by sydneypie
Beppi the Clown
Beppi the Clown by jacobyel
Wally Warbles
birb with gun by SoftSorbet
Grim Matchstick
Digitized by hideakithewolf
Rumor Honeybottoms
Daytona USA rumor honeybottoms second version by fanvideogames
Captain Brineybeard
Captain Brineybeard by alexeigribanov
Cala Maria
High Seas Hi-Jinx by iMusicalMinji
Werner Werman
Nightmare Werman by hideakithewolf
Dr. Kahl and Robot
Dr Kahl's Robot by hideakithewolf
Sally Stageplay
That one drama queen by Maddylee0634
Phantom Express
Blind Specter by alexeigribanov
Tipsy Troop
Tripsy Troop Martini by Shadowkit-The-Kit
Chips Battigan
Chips Bettigan (Redraw) by CrystalBubblez18
Mr. Wheezy
Mr. Wheezy smokes by IroniaDevil
Pip and Dot
Pip and Dot 2 by jones-wibu
Hocus Pocus
Hopus Pocus by sydneypie
Phear Lap
Phear Lap by sydneypie
Pirouletta by Millie-the-Cat7
CUPHEAD ASK REPLY 62 by CyrusTheIceWing
Mr. Chimes
Mr.Chimes by sunnyskiesup
SOS CH 1 Ep 3 by Wispion
Chloe and Clark .:AT:. by ShinySmeargle
Hold On Tight by hideakithewolf
Cuphead-BATIM AU-Evil mug and good mug by toon-magic
Stamps, Icons and Pixels
oh no by Noxious-Croww


:iconwedontneedcolor: WeDontNeedColor Hey folks! enjoy your stay. :iconthephantomexpress: ThePhantomExpress ALL ABOARD!! :iconwerner-werman-fc: Werner-Werman-FC "You vill not vin!" :iconcupheadadventures: CupheadAdventures :iconghostblossom: Ghostblossom flowerghost :iconcala-maria-fc: Cala-Maria-FC :iconcupheadmugmanfanclub: CupheadMugmanFanClub Icon By: LeanakoRisenka98! :icongrimmatchstickfc: GrimmatchstickFC :iconwhat-in-carnation: What-in-Carnation :iconlady-zeppelin-fc: Lady-Zeppelin-FC




Hello! I'm not that great with introductions so I'll just jump right in:
My name's Laffy! Since the two mods of this group haven't been able to be super active, I've offered to help out a little by being a third pair of hands to sort though all the submissions that come into this group, at least for a little bit!
Please do keep in mind though that there are still guidelines for submitting, and that you need to submit your art to the correct folder!
That's all, and thank you everyone for your patience! I'll do the best I can to help out (:

Hello there, everyone! I've been hearing some problems about submissions and I'd like to take a moment to explain what has happened over the last two to three weeks!

I released a journal about what has happened over the last 2 months. Now, my 5 month old computer is currently out of state for a new battery or motherboard. (It likes to give me problems!) So currently I am using my old computer for now. (7 years old, what a trooper!) With FrostedFrappucino he has been depressed and sick and haven't been active online.

Now, I wanted to also take the time to apologize to everyone here in this group who either has had no response from us, haven't had their art submitted yet, or waited a very long time. I have been active on my account, but the drawings has been limited due to my torn tendon. Not to worry, everything is a-okay! If anyone wishes to have their art in the group, that has waited, I will happily take it into this group. Again, I deeply apologize, and so does FrostedFrappucino as well. We both have seen what has been going on, and we are very sorry for what has happened.

We understand fully of all of your emotions being sad, mad, curious, and more. I do hope we can mend this problem and continue to make this group a wonderful place to be for all of you fans of Cuphead! :heart:

Run and gun for home everyone, and we look forward to seeing more of your fanart!

Howdy everyone! I'm addressing everyone since this seems to be a problem, if your submission has not been accepted after quite some time or, if some of your submissions were accepted while others were not, please forgive me! There are only two mods (one of which is never active nor online) so 100% of the work is left up to me. The group inbox gets absolutely full within only a few hours and I deal with complicated things so I cannot get to them in time. Please be patient!

I ask that you do not submit your art more than once, it clogs up my inbox and causes me to accidentally skip over other peoples' submissions due to spam. If it has not be accepted within a certain time period please be patient, I'm running this group by myself and happen to get busy with other things.

Please always submit to the right folders! Check the lists thoroughly and see where your submission might belong in. From now on I will not be accepting any art that is placed into the wrong folder, it's gotten to be too continuous and I don't have the time to alert everyone to resubmit or change folders around. Chances are if your submission has not been accepted it was possibly in the wrong folder.

Please remember that the following is not accepted:

- NSFW/Fetishes, I'm trying to protect minors within the group and do not want them exposed to anything they shouldn't be. That and the age range of some characters are really debatable, like Cuphead and Mugman for instance

- BABQFTIM, Cup Kingdom or whatever else AU ya'll have that turns the characters into bishie anime boys with jello hair

- Anything that is unrelated, I've seen where groups have allowed submissions without the need of approval, only to have disgusting, satire things submitted to purposely upset members.

- Journals about Cuphead Discord chats

- Photo edits of official art or memes using official art (I might make a possible screenshot folder in the future for anyone screenshotting glitches, however)
More Journal Entries


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